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12 different lettuce varieties

Aquaponic food is Organic

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About us

We have a lot of great new things in store for the rest of 2018 and look forward to providing you with an abundance of leafy greens and more!

12512 Postoffice Blvd. Galveston, Texas 77550

2Sat-Sun: by appointment

3GOFM every other Sunday

Our Story

Fish + Plants + Love = Happiness

Island Aquaponics reopened its doors in January of 2018 under new ownership. Galveston locals and Eastenders, Cassi Boatwright and Diane Glowacki have restored the 2100 sq. ft. greenhouse on the lot of the original Galveston’s Own Farmers Market on 2500 block of Postoffice. After much cleaning and system restoration their first harvest of fresh locally grown organic produce was sold at market in July 2018. There are many renovations and improvements still planned for the greenhouse but it currently houses many varieties of leafy greens, herbs and their team of natural fertilizers, their goldfish.

Aquaponics is a sustainable means of farming without the use of toxic fertilizers or pesticides. It is a closed circulating system of water and our system is only topped off by harvested rain water. While there a a few differnt ways to grow plants aquaponically, our plants roots sit in circulating water and take up the valuable nutrients supplied by the fish waste (fish emulsion). Aquaponics uses 1/10th the amount of water as traditional farming and the plants grow 1-2/3rds faster since they have a constant source of nutrients and oxygen. Aquaponics has been referred to as the future of farming even though It’s origins are rooted in ancient farming practices.

product price
Lettuce Mixes $5.00/lg bag
$3.00/sm bag
Asian Stir Fry Mix $5.00/lg bag
$3.00/sm bag
Whole Harvest Lettuce $4.00/lg head
$3.00/sm head
Living Harvest $4.00/plant
Basils $3.00/bunch
Mints $2.00/bunch
Specialty Items call

Price List

We grow over 12 different lettuce varieties & several other leafy greens.

These prices are subject to change without notice. Pictures shown are from our greenhouse unless otherwise indicated.


The summer months are particularly difficult on all produce in our greenhouse. We cannot guarantee week to week what we will have available for sale.

We accept cash and all credit/debit cards

During the summer we will be at GOFM every other Sunday. Please check our facebook page @islandaquaponics for our upcoming dates.

some of the unique advantages of aquaponic systems are:
1. Conservation through constant water reuse and recycling.
2. Organic fertilization of plants with natural fish emulsion. (Their fish are not exposed to heavy metals so the plants are spared the dangerous chemicals in commercial farming)
3. The elimination of solid waste disposal from intensive aquaculture.
4. The reduction of needed cropland to produce like crops.
5. The overall reduction of environmental footprint for crop production.
6. Small efficient commercial installations can be built close to markets therefore reducing food miles, shelf life and increases the longevity of food freshness.


"Do you know your lettuce was still fresh and crisp two weeks after I bought it?"

- Layne Dearman

"I can't believe you have so much growing so soon after getting your system up and going"

- Shannon Samuelson

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2512 Postoffice St. Galveston, TX 77550

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409.370.0864 or 409.771.9306

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